Birds Hunting Season in Alaska

Hunting is an important part of the Alaskan heritage. Small game hunting provides a unique opportunity for young hunters to learn and be part of the great Alaskan culture.

Migratory bird hunters in Alaska can harvest snipes, sandhill cranes, and waterfowls among others during the hunting season.

During the birds hunting season, the fresh and marine wetlands bring over 1 million geese and 12 million ducks in Alaska and neighboring countries such as Canada and Russia. About 8,800 waterfowl hunters are in Alaska anticipating hunting about 70,000 ducks and 7,000 geese this hunting season.

The Alaska migratory birds hunting regulations

The main reason that Alaska allows birds hunting is because they are in plenty during the migratory season. However, the government has strict laws that seek to protect birds and regulating the process. It has created 26 game management units that control the 5 migratory birds hunting areas.

Before setting out hunting, it crucial to establish the game management unit and establish the correlating zone. These zones have varying regulations such as shooting time, licenses, and stamps.

Hunters might also be required to get special permits to hunt special birds such as swans or hunting in the Anchorage Costal Wildlife Refuge.

Small game hunting does not require a permit

While hunting big game and special birds requires you to get a permit, hunters are free to hunt the small animals. The main bird species that you can hunt without requiring a stamp are various species of grouse including sooty, ruffed, spruce, and sharp-tailed.

You can also hunt the ptarmigan species such as the rock, willow, and white-tailed that is native to Alaska.

Note that though you can simply pop into the wild and hunt these birds, you are restricted to only harvest one type of each species in every location.

 Getting it right during the birds hunting season in Alaska

Over the years, the Federal and State governments have sought to assist hunters in understanding the right way to go hunting. For starters of non-residents, you will enjoy going out to hunt birds by hiring a hunting guide.

These are people with vast experience on sighting various types of birds, all hunting regulations, and navigation in the wild. You can also check the Sea Duck Joint Venture website and Arctic Goose Joint Venture website to learn how to hunt different ducks and Arctic geese respectively.

These sites are always updated to show the latest information such as population and related regulations.

Waterfowl hunting

  • Unlike hunting on land, going for birds on water requires extra preparations.
  • You will require a different type of gear to wade through the marshland and reach the waterfowls for retrieval. Make sure to include appropriate hunting boots, waterproof clothing, and correct rifle.
  • You will also require a good boat and an appropriate guide to water birds. Remember that if you shoot the wrong bird, you risk hefty fines, license getting canceled or loss of your hunting firearm.
  • The birds hunting season in Alaska creates a perfect opportunity to get into the wild and be part it. To enjoy hunting various birds, it is important to understand all the regulations and use the right firearm.